A list of known issues, features, and bugs in SciServer software, webapps, and APIs.

Altair v1.10.4

Error downloading large MyDB tables from your Compute iPython notebook


If you encounter an error (out of memory) while trying to download a large
MyDB table from CasJobs from your Compute iPython notebook, this is a known
issue and we recommend the following workaround for it.


Please replace
= CasJobs.executeQuery(query, ‘mydb’, ‘pandas’)

= pandas.read_csv(CasJobs.executeQuery(query, ‘mydb’,

Where is the name of the data structure that receives
your MyDB table data. This will force it to use CSV streaming output, which
should not have memory limitations. It might take slightly longer, though.

Altair v1.8.1

CAS Upload to SAS does not work for DR13 Spectra


SkyServer query output buttons “Upload list of fields (or spectra) to SAS” do not work for DR13. You will be taken to the DR12 SAS instead for both images and spectra. Although there’s no new imaging data in DR13, there are spectra in DR13 that currently cannot be retrieved by uploading CAS query results to the SAS.


There is currently no workaround. This bug is expected to be fixed in the next patch.

Altair v1.8.0

Can’t install Astroquery or other Python 2 modules in Compute Jupyter Notebook with Pip.


The Compute kernel runs under Python 3. Pip executes shell commands within the Python 3 environment, even if you are using the Python 2 kernel. All libraries installed with “!pip install” are installed in the Python 3 environment, not Python 2. Python 2 modules and libraries may fail to install.


Although users may update and change the Docker-Python configuration in Compute, we do not generally offer support for issues that arise from attempting to install non-standard libraries. We may include requested libraries in future SciServer updates and releases.

As a workaround, we suggest that you use “conda install” instead of “pip install”, because it lets you specify the environment for package installation.


You can install astroquery for Python 2 from your Jupyter notebook like this:

!conda install -y -n py27 -c astropy astroquery

Then restart the kernel (see Help in the Compute Dashboard for more info on how to start and stop the kernel.

Altair v1.7.7

SDSS Command Line Query Tool (sqlcl) uses outdated x_sql.aspx link


The SDSS Command Line Query Tool (sqlcl) contains a hardcoded link to x_sql.aspx, which is not part of the current SkyServer API.


The SDSS Command Line Query Tool (sqlcl) is no longer officially supported by SDSS. A new python-based command line tool is under development but is not yet available.

Users who wish to continue to use sqlcl should manually update the sqlcl code to replace “http://skyserver.sdss3.org/public/en/tools/search/x_sql.aspx” with http://skyserver.sdss.org/SkyserverWS/dr12/SearchTools/SqlSearch.



x_sql.aspx does not exist


Going to the URL skyserver.sdss.org/dr12/en/tools/search/x_sql.aspx results in:

An error has occurred in Skyserver
The file '/dr12/en/tools/search/x_sql.aspx' does not exist.


Some SkyServer services have been updated to use REST. The new URL is


Cannot log in to Login Portal with CasJobs username & password


Attempting to log into SciServer Login Portal with CasJobs credentials fails with error

“Authentication failed”


Existing CasJobs users must migrate their accounts to SciServer on the Login Portal’s Register page using their existing CasJobs username and password.

After registering, their authentication details will be in the system, and they can login via the Login Portal.

Forgotten CasJobs username or password


CasJobs users who have forgotten their CasJobs username or password cannot register on the SciServer Login Portal.


Forgotten Password: Email the SciServer Help Desk from your CasJobs email address and request that your CasJobs password be reset. Please supply your CasJobs ID and email address.
Forgotten Username: Email the SciServer Help Desk from your CasJobs email address and ask for your username.

Altair v1.7.2

SOAP web services are no longer supported


SOAP web services are no longer supported. New web services have been implemented with a REST API.


The REST API for CasJobs is described here.