SciServer Betelgeuse v2.1.0

New in this Release

We have integrated the existing CasJobs Groups feature into the new SciServer Groups, making it easier than ever to share data with your colleagues and students.

CASJobs Groups are now defined and created in the SciServer dashboard, and can no longer be created in CASJobs - but you can access all your old CasJobs groups alongside your new SciServer groups.

Using the combined Groups feature

Key points to keep in mind for this important new feature of SciServer are:

  • What was previously two separate systems are now combined into one unified Groups model

  • All existing CASJobs Groups still exist and are still supported, available under the Groups menu of the SciServer Dashboard

  • CASJobs will still display all your Groups in the same place it always has

  • Tables and MyDBs can still be shared with Groups in CASJobs

  • Database Contexts can still be shared (via SciServer admins) with Groups

  • CASJobs now has a link to the SciServer Groups - go here to create new groups


Additional benefits and features of Groups integration are:

  • CASJobs groups are now visible in the SciServer Dashboard (because they are created there)

  • The same Groups can be used for sharing both CasJobs MyDB tables and SciServer filesystem folders (and other SciServer resources like Compute Images and Data Volumes)

  • When viewing a Group in the SciServer Dashboard, any (non-public) Database contexts shared specifically with this Group will be shown in the Groups resources view


Current limitations of the new Groups feature are:

  • MyDB and MyScratch Tables are not displayed in the SciServer Groups view, only database contexts

  • We do not show the full list of Public database contexts in the SciServer Groups view

Change Log

  • CasJobs: Removed ability to create new Groups from CASJobs New:
  • Dashboard: Merged Groups between CASJobs and SciServer New: Groups used in CASJobs are now created in SciServer; all groups are now visible through the SciServer Dashboard's Groups view
  • CasJobs: Database Contexts list is now sorted, with MyDb and MyScratch at the top Bug Fix:
  • Dashboard: Groups view displays all shared database tables New:
  • Dashboard: Improved Groups view documentation Update: SciServer Groups view shows a message when creating a new Group about the naming conventions required for it to work in CASJobs