SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.1

This release publishes the latest versions of the SciScript libraries for both Python and R.

It also adds two new Compute Images – one for the LSST Science Pipeline and one for the Recount genomics project – and updates the Matlab image used in the turbulence and oceanography science cases.

New controls in the Dashboard allow for easier management of files, groups, and user volumes.

Change Log

  • SciScript: Final Release of SciScript-Python and SciScript-R Update:
  • Compute: Added documentation on R features in Python+R image Update:
  • Compute: New images LSST and Recount New: New compute images have been created for LSST and Recount. See the SciServer Compute Images documentation for more about these images (
  • Compute: Fixed Production MATLAB Docker Image Bug Fix:
  • Dashboard: more target folder information when moving files Update: When moving or copying files in Files tab, the user interface previously showed only the name of the target folder. It now also shows the root volume and owner of the target folder.
  • Dashboard: New group selection Bug Fix: After creating a group, the new group is selected from the group list.
  • Dashboard: Volume list now auto-updates when new volume is created Bug Fix:
  • Dashboard: Performance improvements Update: Tested to handle 10,000 users in Groups View smoothly
  • Dashboard: folders update correctly Bug Fix: Folders not updated but file chooser stays in old location
  • Dashboard Groups view: Shared folders display names rather than IDs Bug Fix:
  • Login portal: Validation code timeout increased to 10 minutes Bug Fix:
  • Dashboard Files view: multiple delete Update: Able to delete multiple files and/or folders at once
  • Dashboard Groups view: Group deletion display in Activity Log Bug Fix: When user deletes a group, the record in the Activity Log now displays the name of the deleted group rather than its group ID.
  • Dashboard Groups view: Popup for user selection New:
  • Login Portal: All popups get focus when opened Bug Fix:
  • Dashboard: Fix Favicon Bug Fix:
  • Dashboard Groups view: Allow duplicate group names Bug Fix: Creating group with duplicate name failed with unspecified error
  • Dashboard Groups view: Multi-selector to add or invite people to a group Update:
  • Dashboard: fixed sign out link Bug Fix: Sign out link appended previously loaded path to the call back url in dashboard
  • Multi-selector to delete user volumes New:
  • Dashboard Groups view: fixed behavior on group deletion Bug Fix: When group is deleted, first group was selected, but groupid in path was the deleted group.
  • Miscellaneous back-end changes Bug Fix: