SciServer Altair v1.9.2

New in this Release

Altair v1.9.2 includes updates and fixes to various tools on the SkyServer data access site. The Plate Browser now includes more information about APOGEE plates. The Search tools can now filter results using target flags from both the BOSS and eBOSS surveys, and all Search tools now support input in sexagecimal (hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss) coordinates.

Change Log

  • SkyServer Update: Spectroscopic query form updated now includes filtering of results using BOSS and eBOSS target flags.
  • SkyServer Update: Plate Browser now includes additional plate information when the APOGEE option is selected
  • SkyServer Bug Fix: Imaging, Spectroscopic, and Infrared search tools users are now given correct warnings when the input celestial coordinate values are out of range, also supporting the Sexagesimal coordinates format.