SciServer Altair v1.9.1

New in this Release

Altair v1.9.1 fixes all links to the SDSS interactive spectrum tool within the SkyServer Quick Look and Explore tools, allowing you to once again to quickly pan and zoom through an SDSS spectrum to see all its lines. The release also introduces a new SkyServer Cross-Match tool, which takes advantage of the new algorithms of SkyQuery. It also adds a new RStudio image to Compute, improves links to API documentation throughout the SciServer system, improves the layout of the login portal, and fixes a few other bugs in SkyServer.

Change Log

  • SkyServer Bug Fix: Explore and Quick Look: All links to interactive SDSS spectra now work, thanks to the new Science Archive Webapp (SAW) from the SDSS
  • SkyServer Bug Fix: Explore fixed links to SIMBAD
  • SkyServer New: Cross-Match: a SkyServer cross-match tool takes advantage of the improved algorithms offered by SkyQuery to make cross-matching faster and more accurate than ever
  • SkyServer Bug Fix: CrossID fixed to return more than 1,000 rows
  • SkyServer Bug Fix: Plate Browser: when displaying all fibers on a single plate, the fibers are now displayed in order by fiber number
  • SkyServer Update: Quick Look added spectrum FITS file download
  • SkyServer Bug Fix: Fixed download spectra using the curl command
  • Portal Update: Updated added links to SciServer documentation
  • Portal Update: Redesigned SciServer tools layout
  • Compute New: Added RStudio image
  • Compute Update: Updated help page to include instructions for opening containers with RStudio images