SciServer Altair v1.9.2

New in this Release

Altair v1.9.2 includes updates and fixes to various tools on the SkyServer data access site. The Plate Browser now includes more information about APOGEE plates. The Search tools can now filter results using target flags from both the BOSS and eBOSS surveys, and all Search tools now support input in sexagecimal (hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss) coordinates.

SciServer Altair v1.9.1

New in this Release

Altair v1.9.1 fixes all links to the SDSS interactive spectrum tool within the SkyServer Quick Look and Explore tools, allowing you to once again to quickly pan and zoom through an SDSS spectrum to see all its lines. The release also introduces a new SkyServer Cross-Match tool, which takes advantage of the new algorithms of SkyQuery. It also adds a new RStudio image to Compute, improves links to API documentation throughout the SciServer system, improves the layout of the login portal, and fixes a few other bugs in SkyServer.

SciServer Altair v1.9.0

New in this Release

Altair v1.9.0 offers the first wide public release of the SkyQuery website, which allows you to quickly cross-match astronomical observations among many catalogs and your own observations.

SciServer Altair v1.8.1

New in this Release

This update to SciServer Altair includes updates to SkyServer and CasJobs to support the Sloan Digital Sky Survey's Data Release 13 (DR13). It also includes updates to the SkyServer, CasJobs, the Explore Tool, and Compute.

SciServer Altair v1.8.0

New in this Release

This update to SciServer Altair includes SciServer Compute. Compute brings the analysis to the data with Jupyter Notebooks in Docker containers.

SciServer Altair v1.7.6

New in this Release

This update to SciServer Altair includes MyScratch, and SciDrive-CasJobs integration. MyScratch will enable you to save CasJobs results to a large temporary scratch database called MyScratch. SciDrive-CasJobs Integration enables data transfers from CASJobs to SciDrive.

SciServer Altair v1.7.3

Image of the Star Altair from the CHARA Interferometer; Credit: Zina Deretsky, NSF SciServer Altair Initial Release We are pleased to announce the first release of the new SciServer System on May 10, 2016. This release will include upgrades to SkyServer and CasJobs, plus new features, including SciDrive and the Login Portal. Back to Top … Continued