This page shows a list of publications that use SciServer. Technical Publications give information about the SciServer system. Scientific Publications use the system to answer questions from one or more of SciServer’s Science Collaborations.

Technical Publications

Medvedev, D., Lemson, G., & Rippin, M. 2016. SciServer Compute: Bringing analysis close to the data (offsite link). In Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, eds. P. Baumann, I. Manolescu-Goujot, L. Trani, G. G. Barnafoldi, L. Dobos, & E. Banyai. New York:ACM. 27.

Raddick, M. J., Kim, J. W., Lemson, G., Medvedev, D., & Taghizadeh-Popp, M. in press. SciServer Compute: Bring analysis close to the data. To appear in Proceedings of ADASS XXVI. San Francisco, CA:Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Scientific Publications

Carey, N. S., Budavari, T., Daphalapurkar, N., & Ramesh, K. T. 2016. Data integration for materials research (offsite link). Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, 5, 7.

Collado-Torres, L., Nellore, A., Kramers, K., Ellis, S. E., Taub, M. A., Hansen, K. D., Jaffe, A. E., Langmead, B., & Leek, J. T. in press. recount: A large-scale resource for analysis ready RNA-seq expression data. To appear in Nature Biotechnology.

Gelderloos, R., Szalay, A. S., Haine, T. W. N., & Lemson, G. in press. A fast algorithm for neutrally-buoyant particles in numerical ocean modeling. To appear in Proceedings of the IEEE 12th International Conference on eScience.

Graham, J., Kanov, K., Yang, X. I. A., Lee, M., Malaya, N., Lalescu, C. C., Burns, R., Eyink, G., Szalay, A., Moser, R. D., & Meneveau, C. 2015. A web services accessible database of turbulent channel flow and its use for testing a new integral wall model for LES (offsite link). Journal of Turbulence, 17(2), 181-215.

Johnson, P. L. & Meneveau, C. 2015. Large-deviation joint statistics of the finite-time Lyapunov spectrum in isotropic turbulence (offsite link). Physics of Fluids, 085110.

Johnson, P. L. & Meneveau, C. 2016. Large-deviation statistics of vorticity stretching in isotropic turbulence (offsite link). Physical Review E, 93, 033118.

Johnson, P. L & Meneveau, C. in press. Analysis of geometric and statistical features of Lagrangian stretching in turbulent channel flow using a database task-parallel particle tracking algorithm. To appear in Physical Review Fluids.

Liu, Z., Ivkin, N., Yang, L., Neyrinck, M., Lemson, G., Szalay, A., Braverman, V., Budavari, T., Burns, R., & Wang, X. 2015. Streaming algorithms for halo finders (offsite link). In Proceedings of the 2015 11th International Conference on e-Science. Los Alamitos, CA:IEEE Computer Society.

S. Scarsoglio, G. Iacobello, and L. Ridolfi. 2016. Complex networks unveiling spatial patterns in turbulence (offsite link). International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 26, 13, 1650223.