SciServer Altair v1.8.1

New in this Release

This update to SciServer Altair includes updates to SkyServer and CasJobs to support the Sloan Digital Sky Survey's Data Release 13 (DR13). It also includes updates to the SkyServer, CasJobs, the Explore Tool, and Compute.

Change Log

  • SkyServer Update: Explore Tool Updated: Explore tool now shows MaNGA observations of the object, plus relevant data and figures for download.
  • SkyServer Update: Plate Browser Update: New info related to the plate is now shown in Plate Browser tool.
  • Compute Update: Dashboard now displays SciServer System version information.
  • Compute Update: Health Page now displays current settings and node status.
  • Compute Other: Connection token now not shown by default; visibility can be toggled by clicking the “eye” icon on the Dashboard.
  • Compute Other: Containers will stop after a period of inactivity, but restart automatically when user re-opens them from the Dashboard.
  • SkyServer Update: Sample SQL Queries Page Updated: MaNGA, APOGEE, EBOSS queries updated or added.
  • CasJobs, SkyServer Update: New MaNGA tables are now available for direct user access through SQL queries with SqlSearch.
  • SkyServer Update: Added new tables, updated tools descriptions, updated database diagram to About the Database.
  • SkyServer Update: Table Descriptions page updated.
  • SkyServer Update: Autocomplete now enabled in search menu of Explore tool.
  • SkyServer Update: CrossID results now includes links to returned objects’ Explore Page.
  • Compute Update: "Delete Container" now confirms with user before deleting container.